Cyber Crime Prevention Against
Women And Children


Cyber Crimes against Women and Children
Present Cyber Crime Landscape

Cyber Crimes against Women and Children are on the Rise

The number of Internet users in India is nearing 500 million. Though women constitute only 30% of the Internet users in India, patriarchy continues to show its ugly fangs even in the virtual world where women are frequently targeted and defamed. A survey shows that 76% of women below the age of 30 have faced online harassment, and 1 in 10 women under 30 has been the target of revenge porn and/or sextortion.

Children are also an easy prey for cyber crimes as they are quite naïve to the sinister cyber world. Blue Whale, a notorious and deadly suicide game that was circulated online, led many innocent children to an unfortunate end to their lives.

Cyber Crimes Against Women and Children

Cyber Pornography

Defamation/ Morphing

Identity Theft

Matrimonial Frauds

Cyber Bullying


Cyber Stalking

Banking Frauds

India’s Digital Presence


Internet Users in India


Urban Internet Penetration


Active Social Media Users


Female Internet Users

ARDC’s Role in

Mitigating Cyber Crimes against

Women and Children

Various central and state government initiatives have been started as a part of the Nirbhaya Project to mitigate and curb atrocities against women and children. The Government of India has taken progressive steps towards curbing cyber crimes against women and children with the allocation of an exclusive Nirbhaya Fund for the same. ARDC strives to be an active part of this venture. Through our research and development center, we aim to engage in the various activities to protect women and children in the cyber world.

Through our research and development center, we aim to engage in the following activities.

Empower Women Policing Units

Empower Women Policing Units with the latest tools and technologies, and mobile forensic kits for mitigating, monitoring and investigating cyber crimes involving women and children.

Conduct Exhaustive Research

Educate the Government & other organizations on the vulnerabilities of women and children through an in-depth research on the existing cyber threat landscape.

Apply Data Analytics

Use data analytics to assess cyber crime evolution and predict future threats to assist organizations in adopting a pro-active approach towards curbing cyber crimes.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat etc. and asses the vulnerabilities it poses for women and children.

Conduct Awareness Drives

Create preparedness and awareness on online vulnerabilities through seminars, symposia, and conferences. Also, impart knowledge on the latest tools & technologies to mitigate cyber crimes.

Assist Law Enforcement Agencies

Guide Law Enforcement Agencies on upgrading their Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Centers in order to better fight cyber crimes against women and children.

Innovative Applications

Leverage our research and data analytics on cyber crimes to spearhead innovative mobile application development that would help reinforce the cyber safety of women and children.

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