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Advanced Research in

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

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The Center for Advanced Research in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security has been founded with the vision of conducting cutting-edge research and development in the fields of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. Established under the aegis of Anna University, and a division of GA Software Technologies (Georgia Technologies). We aim to educate Law Enforcement Agencies and other key institutions on the current vulnerabilities in the cybercrime landscape and the methods to mitigate them using the latest technologies and methods.

Need for a Dedicated Research Center

With the growth of the cyber and cellular consumer base, the importance of digital forensics is at its peak. Digital Forensics deals with the recovery, preservation and forensic analysis of digital evidence extracted in its original form from computers, storage devices, mobile phones, PDA (Personalized Digital Assistant), printers, copy machines, cameras, video game consoles and other such devices.

Capturing niche insights and
emerging trends in Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Key Areas of Research

ARDC envisions to push the frontiers of forensic science by pursuing niche research in diverse domains of Cyber and Digital Forensics.

Mobile Forensics

Data Acquisition and Authentication, Database Analysis, Audio/Video Extraction, Physical/Logical Acquisition, Recovering Damaged, Deleted, or Lost Data

Computer Forensics

Recovery of damaged, deleted, or lost images/videos and data files, Password Cracking, Live Analysis, Cross-drive Analysis, Registry Analysis, Social Media Analysis

Network Forensics

Monitoring and Analysis of LAN/WAN/Internet traffic, Analysis of Logs from various sources, IP Tracing, and Email Forensics

Data Analytics

Leverage data analytics for better visualization of key issues and related solutions that shall aid in better decision-making and easy analysis of data.

Worldwide spending on cybersecurity services & products is predicted to surpass
$1 trillion from 2017 to 2023.

Cyber Security

Our Scope

ARDC endeavors to offer the Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, private enterprises and the general public valuable insights on Cyber & Digital Forensics gained from its niche research in this domain.

To address the growing cyber crimes against women and children, ARDC endeavors to act as a special Training & Research center on Digital Forensics for women police officers, law enforcement agencies, and judicial officers.

Cyber Crime
Prevention Against

Women And Children

A Dynamic Research Center recognized by Christ University, Bangalore
that aims to push the frontiers of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.



Christ University, Bangalore ,

Bangalore Kengeri Campus

Kanmanike, Kumbalgodu, Mysore Road,

Bangalore, Karnataka – 560074

ARDC is also involved in

  • Research & Development
  • Training & Awareness
  • Publication of Journals
  • Product Innovation
  • Data Analytics